Some nice Twitter Tools I used this morning…

Dom Zimmerman on Twitter

Twitter analytics courtesy of Follower Wonk

With Dan Zarrella of Hubspot releasing it got me thinking of more tools for the Twitter analytics one can have in your “listening and data scanning” arsenal.

Another nice tool I used for twitter today is topsy. I love this real time search of the social web and it is specifically useful in cross language social searches and has a pretty sweet topsy analytics section; go ahead, play around with it here!

Follower Wonk – Need to know who to target in Twitter for a clients upcoming campaign? Find their power followers, search twitter bios, compare users and track followers with the PDX company Follower Wonk. Just sign in with twitter and use some [street] creds for free.

And iTweetlive has to get a mention as well. I like how the searches function assists and allows a conversation to be at the touch of your fingers – whilst seeing best engagement to topics that matter the most especially for small businesses. Think of this as a help deck that gives you insights. Nice.


5 thoughts on “Some nice Twitter Tools I used this morning…

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  2. I’ve used a number of twitter tools, but had not come across TweetCharts. Thanks for pointing it out. I already have plans to use reports from the site in my blog.

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