Blippar – The latest offline to online QR code killer?

Econsultancy recently called Blippar the QR code killer. Whatever you think of the fledgling augmented reality popping up everywhere from billboards to newspaper ads – nobody can argue the possibilities on connecting offline to online are endless with this sort of technology – Mobile Augmented Reality has some pretty cool possibilities! I saw my first Blippar interactive ad this morning on the Metro newspaper here in London on the train – It appears the app itself (free) on Google Play and the itunes store is still in beta but it certainly appears this could replace and/or enhance the ever popular (here in Europe) QR codes.

Blippar describes itself as the magic ‘lens’ enhancing the world around you with virtual, instant information and entertainment.

And with Virgin Media winning the right for free wi-fi on the tube platforms in London Towne this summer for the Olympics you could be seeing a lot more things jumping out at you in ads like Nike’s #Makeitcount below:


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