Futile yet interesting events between twitter and facebook on google social search results

Interesting developments with Google social search results (Google Search Plus Your World).
The battle between G+, Twitter and Facebook is really gearing up! Google search plus your world got you stumped? Here is a quality piece from Search Engine Watch about the recent developments summed up nicely with “In Google Search Plus Your World, your friends’ online experiences are more relevant to your personal search results than links and domain authority.”


Awesome infographic on google search plus your world from Chris Breikss

In essence a great update from Google has attracted  a lot of debate already. A group of engineers from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have looked into the algorithm of social search to display and engage dialog with Google in an effort to prove that the search giant is unfairly promoting its own social media site, Google+, at the expense of relevant search results for its users. Ultimately, Google is a business and G+ will make up a huge part of search results as per google’s latest privacy updates take effect.


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